Aaron Amar Bhamra & Luz Broto
March 17 – May 18, 2024
Opening: Saturday, March 16, 4:00 – 9:00 PM

For the second project as part of 'Invited by,' Vienna-based artist Aaron Amar Bhamra extends an invitation to collaborate with Barcelona-based artist Luz Broto in conceiving an exhibition in which they will further explore their shared interest in spatial and linguistic works.

Titled Handshake, the exhibition aims to delve into the intricate dynamics of interpersonal relationships, exploring forms of hospitality and trust, temporality and accessibility. Drawing inspiration from discussions about the intimate spaces where trust can flourish, the exhibition encourages contemplation on fundamental questions, including the significance of open and common space, the gesture of invitations, and the potential exclusions inherent in these processes.

Luz Broto (b. 1982, Spain) is a site-specific artist whose artistic practice revolves around a meticulous engagement with each unique space. Working with what's inherent in a space or situation, Broto challenges the established norms, protocols, and uses, sparking subtle yet profound shifts in functionality. Evaluating architectural nuances, urban environments, infrastructure, organizational structures, regulations, and social relations, she enacts minimal interventions that hold transformative power. Her works have been presented among others at Manifesta 14 (Prishtina); Royal Institute of Art (Stockholm); Institute Art Gender Nature HGK (Basel); Maison Des Arts (Brusells); Flora (Bogotá); MACBA (Barcelona); Centro Botín (Santander); CA2M (Madrid); and Secession (Vienna). She is a current resident at Hangar (2022-2024).

Aaron Amar Bhamra (b. 1992, Austria) is an artist whose practice interacts with given conditions, experimenting with the notion of perceiving both distinctions and overlaps simultaneously. He collects fragments in a personal archive of moments embodied in various media such as objects, sound, text, drawing, photography and moving image. By re-enacting the fragments of this archive and placing them in situ, they form a place, an exhibition, an emptiness or a space for conversation. Solo and group exhibitions include, among others: MAUVE (Vienna); SYSTEMA (Marseille); Krinzinger Schottenfeld (Vienna); Galerie Le Carceri (Bolzano); Wien Museum MUSA; and PHILEAS Project Space (Vienna). Since 2020, Aaron Amar Bhamra, along with Monika Georgieva, has been running Laurenz Space in Vienna.