Becket MWN feat. maria mercedes
April 2, 2022, 6:30 PM

Episode is a performative activation and conceptual extension of Becket MWN’s exhibition Sitcom Architecture. Playing with the idea of both "live studio audience" and live performance, the performance juxtaposes bodily presence with recorded sound. Here, the concept of identicality (which is dealt with in the exhibition as twinning) reemerges as repetition, applying not only to the idea of “re-running” or “re-watching”, but also that of looping as the repetition of pathways through the architecture of the sitcom.

Episode was conceived by Becket MWN and features the Vienna-based performance duo maria mercedes, consisting of Julia Maria Müllner and Camilla Mercedes Schielin. Due to sickness, Viltė Švarplytė was invited to perform alongside Julia Maria Müllner.

Becket MWN is a writer and artist based in Amsterdam.

This performance is realized with the generous support of Mondriaan Funds.