Dinner with Kevin
Yolo Ferahn and hours
Performative Dinner
June 17, 2016, 7:00 PM

3 Courses
Soundperformance by Yolo Ferahn
Live Set by hours

Dinner with Kevin cultivates kitchen, art and togetherness within the exhibition space accompanied by a series of performances, live concerts, lectures, and much more.

hours is a podcast series and a collective of part-time DJs. The podcasts unfold hours distinctive and deep access to different music styles and genres. Founders Sascha, Paul and Manuel do the kind of thing that feels right. This includes sharing their passion and sense for music within Marina Sula’s installation at Kevin Space’s dinner.

Yolo Ferahn, Vienna based soundesigner and artist Matthias Hafner uses the term Sonorealism for his soundscapes created with different kind of objects. Layer by layer he superimposes noise, until formations occur that sound like nature field recordings.

Roast beef (optional beetroot feta patty) with mint sauce and red cabbage marmalade, mashed sweet potatoes and thyme tomato
Panna Cotta wit fig almond squish
& Wine