Tarek Lakhrissi
Bite Hard
Open Reading Group
September 28, 2021, 7:00 PM

We are pleased to invite you to an open reading group as part of our current exhibition I wear my wounds on my tongue by poet and artist Tarek Lakhrissi. I wear my wounds on my tongue is a newly conceived installation that interweaves sculpture, new and existing video works, poetics of language, eroticism, and the creation of counter-spaces.

In response to Lakhrissi's aspiration, whose practice extends both into performance as well as teaching, the reading group will serve to collectively explore non-hierarchical, informal and alternative (educational) spaces and social gathering as well as the potential to jointly engage in transformative narratives.

Readings will include excerpts from the poetry book Bite Hard (1997) by Malaysian-American author Justin Chin (1969-2015). Justin Chin lived in San Francisco from 1991 until his death. His work frequently questioned the personal and political circumstances of the category of queer identity.

The artist will not be present.

Please RSVP at office@kevinspace.org