Ramaya Tegegne


Mar 30 — May 12, 2019

With Regrouping, Ramaya Tegegne continues a trajectory of inquiry into the dominant mechanisms of art by observing its economy, circulation, historicization as well as the power relations by which the field of art is constituted. For her solo exhibition at Kevin Space, the artist will shift her focus onto the practices of activist artists and collectives. By quoting, borrowing and combining this existing material, Tegegne is challenging the structural bias of established narratives of art history and the current model, and tries to reassert the value of collective work and conversation.

During the runtime of the exhibition, Tegegne will activate the exhibition space by hosting a public event tackling issues of labor, defense mechanisms and collectivity within art institutions.

Ramaya Tegegne (Switzerland) has presented solo exhibitions at VIS, Hamburg (2018), Park View / Paul Soto, Brussels (2018), Galerie Maria Bernheim, Zurich (2018), First Continent, Baltimore (2017), Fri Art Kunsthalle Fribourg (2015), and Marbriers 4, Geneva (2014). Her performances have been presented at Kunsthalle Basel (2018), Kunsthalle Bern (2017) and the Swiss Institute, New York (2016) amongst others. She is co-founder of the bookshop La Dispersion in Geneva. In 2017, she launched the campaign Wages For Wages Against, for the remuneration of artists in Switzerland and beyond.

With the support of the Republic and Canton of Geneva.